Peninsula Advanced Trees grow a variety of species suitable for hedging/screening. Supplying in both 30cm & 40cm pots

.Hedging plants are proving to be a popular landscape choice with smaller backyards and to soften the hard landscape.

Varieties include:

  • Acacia cognata ‘Green Screen’
  • Banksia integrifolia ‘Sentinel’
  • Callistemon spp.
  • Elaeocarpus reticulatus
  • Ficus spp.
  • Hakea salicifolia
  • Juniperus chinensis ‘Spartan’
  • Laurus nobilis
  • Leptospernum spp.
  • Olea europea
  • Prunus lusitanica
  • Syzygium spp.
  • Waterhousea floribunda

Below are three of our favourite selections within the Hedging range:

Laurus nobilis – BAY TREE

An aromatic evergreen tree commonly used for screening/hedging. Leaves are glossy dark green and yellow fluffy flowers are produced in Spring. Extremely tough and drought tolerant.

  • Height – 7m
  • Width – 3m
Laurus nobilis – BAY TREE

Prunus lusitanica – PORTUGESE LAUREL

An attractive hardy evergreen tree perfect for hedging/screening. Small white flower spikes are produced in Spring.

  • Height – 5m
  • Width – 3m
Prunus lusitanica – PORTUGESE LAUREL

Waterhousea floribunda – WEEPING LILLYPILLY

A medium to large evergreen rainforest tree well suited to hedging/screening. A popular landscapers choice.

  • Height – 15m
  • Width – 8m
Waterhousea floribunda – WEEPING LILLYPILLY